The Chesapeake Bay is being choked by an excess of phosphorus.

And there's a global shortage of phosphorus, which is vital for food production.

Can we find a way to pull the phosphorus out of the bay?

Excess phosphorus and nitrogen lead to the rapid growth of algae. When they die, the decomposition uses up oxygen. And a lack of oxygen leads to a dead bay – killing off fish, other animals, and beneficial plants.

What can we do about it?

I'm Caroline Troy, and I'm a sixth-grade student in Baltimore, Maryland.

I'm urging the X-Prize Foundation to establish a prize that would find ways to extract phosphorus from the water and sediment in the Bay.

It should be possible, and with a global shortage of phosphorus starting to affect food prices, it might even make money.

Will you help us?

Most existing efforts are focused on stopping the flow of phosphorus into the Bay. But shouldn't we find ways to actually take it out of the Bay?

We're going to try to figure out if it's possible!

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